Toby Smith

Camps 2 Cities

Co-edited by Tatiana Thieme, Eszter Kovacs and Kavita Ramakrishnan, this project draws on multi-sited research conducted between May 2017 and July 2018 across four European Cities: Athens, Budapest, Berlin and Paris.

Funded by the British Academy’s UK International Challenges Award, the project is called “Temporary migrants or new European citizens? Geographies of integration and response between ‘camps’ and the city”.

Photographer Toby Smith collaborated with the team and joined them on field trips to Paris and Athens – generating new documentary imagery to illustrate and inspire the research process.   The editors collated contributions from their research participants and collaborators – bringing together stories, voices, and reflections from the field that attempt to ‘think together’ and ‘think across’ the four field sites.   Toby Smith was commissioned to produce the project’s website utilising an original wordpress design by Stirtingale.  Illustrator Emily Jayne Bowers was commissioned to design a printed 50 page zine.

The research,  website and  zine together seeks to mark moments that shaped the back stories of refugee and migration politics throughout this past year, and aims to open up questions for future research, activism, and policy.   For more information, contact the editors or obtain a copy of the zine please visit the main project site:

Published below are excerpts from the printed zine and original photography.