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No apologies for this recent blog-silence as shock-horror we took a 2 week holiday in October! A panicked finish to the camper conversion for the new/old  Toyota Expedition  Truck heralds a return to more time behind the lens whatever the location or weather.  A huge thankyou to Alexa’s folks for the use of their yard  before we could set off to christen “The Monster” with 2 weeks down the West Coast of Ireland. The landscape and people on the Emerald Isle exceeded their reputation and hopefully the big-bag of 6×7 film will do it justice. Waking up to breakfast on Inch Beach was a highlight and more on these landscapes when the film is scanned. Our new Imacon X-5 was recently profiled with Roof Unit on the Hasselblad News Page. 

After only 2 days turnaround I found myself heading up the Amazon Basin with my friends at The Environment Investigation Agency. With legal sensitivity and methods echoing the Madagascar Project we can’t reveal much at this stage. However, I can guarantee a  healthy mix of documentation, investigative, GPS points and evidential work to send major shockwaves at Illegal Logging in Peru. The bugs, snakes, swamps, and endless days of trail-clearing in a such a remote and unforgiving landscape was a serious test of the team and equipment but thankfully the only major casuality was a 5d body and my ability to eat oatmeal or crackers ever again.

It’s a pleasure to write this blog in transit from Houston airport after seeing an article profiling my work and methodology on the NYT lens-blog. Thanks to Jim Estrin for his time in Perpignan and on the phone researching the article. I arrive back  to London on Monday for a curious commission for National Geographic which serves as the perfect distraction from the bug bites, scrapes and blisters.