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2 weeks ago, I delivered a 2 hour seminar at The Conservation Leadership MPhil at Cambridge. I entitled the lecture ” The Relationship between Media, Audience and NGO’s.

As I am currently researching and developing ideas for my next personal project I feel it important to brainstorm and network outside the box. It is also essential to constantly evaluate the relationships between my Photography and Media outlets so that I may better partner with story material or organisations.  The constant need to monetise my photography and indeed career is sometimes very frustrating. Therefore it was refreshing and inspiring to justify the time and reason to research and  actually read material beyond photography and visual debate.

The group at Cambridge represented a fantastic breadth of knowledge and importantly experience in the practical front-line of conservation issues globally. It was a privilege that my experiences in media was the basis of a seminar and an asset to them. I’ve listed below a selection of the media and research links that came up in conservation. Much of the discussion from both sides was quite critical so probably best I don’t repeat too much of it here..


Photographic Resources and Introduction


Media (Photography) Resources


Environmental Media Resources    (Paywalled)

Alternative Funding


Globally Popular Environmental Photographers of Note

(not exhaustive!!)


NGO’s Featured in the Lecture