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In 2009 I visited North-East Madagascar on three separate assignments. My original intention was to use my skills as a photographer to document the effects of the illegal logging industry and the beauty of the landscape there. On my second trip I joined an international investigation and by my third trip was working undercover to expose the industry from the inside-out. This major project has now been released across 16 pages in the prestigious German GEO Magazine. Now the article has been published I am free to show the work and discuss the projects methodology.

I worked closely with the Environmental Investigation Agency in Washington who, in October, presented our evidence to US Federal Agents. The evidence has international reach and the process can be slow and methodical but the strength of our claims saw direct action against the world-famous Gibson Guitars in Nashville. The prosecution continues but the initial story was reported HERE.

Click the images to view a gallery of 40 selected images from the project which is now available for further English Language Publication. I also shot extensive HD video whilst on assignment. This incredible project saw for the first time my images going beyond visual advocacy into a new realm of direct action to not only promote but become a solid step towards sustainability and change.

I have also uploaded the extended written article HERE for those wanting more information.

In September 2010 I was interviewed by The Guardian and the audio slides-how was on the front page for 2 days it is archived HERE.