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On a more sombre note I just wanted to give a quick heads up for a photography auction I am supporting…

On 29th September 2009, an earthquake triggered a tsunami in Samoa, America Samoa and Tonga.  The tsunami devastated villages along the southern coast of Samoa, killing 140 people and displacing thousands of others.  Oxfam responded in the immediate aftermath but are also working longer term to help individuals rebuild sustainable livelihoods and cope with their personal trauma.

Annabel Cook, freelance picture editor at The Financial Times, was shocked and appalled by the devastation that the tsunami left behind and as a result has decided to help raise money for Oxfam’s Samoan Tsunami Appeal by organising a photography auction.  The cause has a very personal appeal for Annabel who has been motivated by her undiscovered Polynesian background – she is half Fijian and has friends and family in Samoa who have all suffered from the disaster.

The auction will take place from 7pm onwards, Tues 9th March at The Financial Times and features work from a number of different fine art photographers and photojournalists (and of course one of my own prints from my ‘Light After Dark’ project).

Please do show your support for this cause by becoming a fan of the auctions Facebook page.  For more information about the event please contact Annabel via email [email protected]