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A little bit of renewable news for you – SSE and Aquamarine have announced that they have been granted exclusive development rights to an area of the seabed off the coast of Orkney as part of the world’s first commercial leasing programme for wave and tidal energy generation projects.

The new ‘Oyster‘ devices would have an installed capacity of 200MW, that’s enough energy to power around 190,000 homes. The development area will see several small clusters of the Oyster devices spaced over the Orkney coastline.

The partnership between Aquamarine Power and SSE is part of an agreement between the two companies to develop up to 1GW of Oyster wave farm sites in the UK and Ireland by 2020 – the largest commercial agreement in the wave energy sector to date. This is a pretty exciting step in moving towards producing clean energy harnessing the power from elements that the natural world offers us.